QuoData & Dan Tholen host first ever joint workshop on ISO 13528 in the USA


QuoData & Dan Tholen host first ever joint workshop on ISO 13528 in the USA

August 2015 saw the release of ISO 13528:2015, which included a major overhaul in the statistical methods used in proficiency testing. In line with this, QuoData, Dan Tholen (convener, independent assessor and ILAC Liaison) and the AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Program, will jointly hold a workshop to educate those involved in PT on the changes. 

All information regarding the workshop, including registration is available on the QuoData website: 


The workshop will be held from 8 – 10 March, 2016 in Falls Church, VA. The guest host, Dan Tholen is a widely-known independent assessor in proficiency testing. He acted as the convener for the ISO committee in preparation of both ISO/IEC 17043 and ISO 13528. Dan regularly gives training on quality assurance around the world. 

The content of the workshop will focus on changes to the advanced statistical methods within the standard. These include robust statistics, evaluating qualitative PTs (in addition to quantitative), and homogeneity among others. 

QuoData has been providing software and services specialized in quality assurance, process optimization and method validation for the last 20 years. Their software PROLab - for planning and evaluating PTs and method validation studies - is used worldwide - e.g. by BAM, the US FDA and NIST and the European Commission. QuoData is also active in more than 20 national and international committees (e.g. DIN, ISO, OECD, BMU, BVL, LAWA) and regularly holds workshops and seminars around the world on a variety of topics on analytical QA. 

The venue is provided by the AIHA PAT, which is one of the US’s best known PT providers particularly for industrial hygiene. They have also kindly helped in organizing the workshop.

For questions, please contact Natasha Hawryluk at Hawryluk@quodata.de