Tailor-made Tool for EQA Programmes in Medicine and Diagnostics


Tailor-made Tool for EQA Programmes in Medicine and Diagnostics

QuoData and the Austrian Society for Quality Assurance and Standardization of Medical and Diagnostic Examinations (ÖQUASTA) officially signed a long-term cooperation agreement during a two-day meeting in Dresden on 20 April 2016. The agreement outlined a project to develop a new tailor-made software tool for ÖQUASTA’s EQA programmes. 

The meeting took place at QuoData’s head office in Dresden, Germany and was held to discuss the current status of the project including progress on software development and specific details on data interpretation in EQA. 

Both companies are poised to benefit from the cooperation agreement. In addition to receiving customized and future-proof software for data management, collection, evaluation and reporting of the EQA programme, ÖQUASTA will also benefit from QuoData’s expertise in quality assurance and know-how in regards to new approaches for assessing lab performance. In turn, QuoData benefits from ÖQUASTA’s long-term experience in the field of medicine and diagnostics.  

The ÖQUASTA society organizes over 30 interlaboratory studies per year involving more than 300 analytes. Individual interlaboratory studies organized by ÖQUASTA include several thousand clinical laboratories. The society includes members and clients from medical and research institutes, doctors, laboratory technicians, and related manufacturers. 


Representatives from QuoData and ÖQUASTA at QuoData's Dresden office.

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