RingDat Online

RingDat Online - Web Service for Data Entry 

Easy & online interface for PT participants

Our web application RingDat Online is a fee-based extension for PROLab. It provides an interface between participants and the organizer of an interlaboratory study (PT), enabling the participants to import and transmit their measurement data directly via their web browser.

RingDat Online is fully-customizable and designed to be adjusted according to your wishes in regards to design (including corporate design) and functionality.


RingDat Online users include:


Your Benefits

Benefits for our customers

  • Easily customizable (design, texts, columns, functions)
  • Minimal adminstration effort for your team - reliable and flexible hosting through QuoData including domain, backups and regular updates. 
  • Used independently of the operating system just internet access is required 
  • User-friendly for participants and organizers
  • Automatic proof of input, e.g. dates, analytical methods
  • After-the-fact addition of participants is possible
  • Seemless integration with PROLab: upload results in one go
  • No more large e-mail attachments or USB sticks: results transfer occurs online, in one step
  • Simplify payment: option for online payment
  • RingDat Online is availabe in English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish. Further languages can be easily added by yourself or by QuoData 

Data Transfer

Easy & uncomplicated transfer of PT data with RingDat Online

Once an interlaboratory study has been defined in PROLab™, you can upload it to RingDat Online with a few mouse clicks. The complete structure of the proficiency test will be transferred, including samples, measurands, laboratories and units, as well as the number of replicates. Additionally, a deadline for data entry can be specified.

Configuration and retrieval of measurement results of RingDat Online with PROLabTM

The participants can then access RingDat Online via their web browser and log in with a previously and automatically assigned personal password.

They can now enter their measured values and any additional data (e.g., sample preparation, analytical methods). The data can either be entered into a form or transferred via an import module from applications like Excel. Data entry is no longer possible once the deadline has elapsed.

Of course your participants can only see their own results so that RingDat Online meets the requirements of ISO 17043.


Using PROLabTM, the organizer can download the data stored in RingDat Online at any time. Subsequent changes to the structure of an interlaboratory study which has already been uploaded are always possible, e.g., if new participants must be added.

Furthermore, automatically generated reminder emails can be sent to those participants who have not yet completed data entry. The subject and the content of these emails can be customized.

Payments with Saferpay or PayPalTM?

Do some of your participants carry out payments online? You can integrate the processing of payments directly into RingDat Online. We offer interfaces to platforms such as Saferpay or PayPalTM. We can also integrate your in-house software for the processing of payments into RingDat Online.



Ready to install 

RingDat Online can be installed on a QuoData server, thus requiring no further time or costs for you from self-installation. 


Access can be encrypted with SSL (https). If QuoData organizes the hosting, this will be the default setting. Every hour, our servers generate high-encryption back-ups.


Alternatively, we can provide RingDat Online as a program to be installed on your server, including a detailed instruction manual. This web application requires a web server (Apache or IIS) with PHP (5.3 or newer) and a MySQL (5.0 or newer) database.


If the participants have to download and/or sign PDF protocols of their input, PhantomJS 2.1.1 or newer is required.


RingDat Online does not save passwords.

Case Studies

Curious as to how our customers use RingDat Online for their PT rounds?

IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) is an independent, not-for-profit Luxembourg-based biobank dedicated to improving health outcomes for patients. IBBL offers biobanking services in compliance with international standards, including the collection, processing, analysis and storage of biological samples. In addition, IBBL carries out regular biospecimen research. The mission of IBBL is to provide high-quality biospecimens and data, foster scientific excellence, catalyse partnerships and support research.


IBBL provides a Proficiency Testing (PT) Program which allows laboratories working with biospecimens to compare their performance to that of other expert laboratories. Participating laboratories can assess the accuracy, precision and efficiency of their biospecimen characterization methods (DNA quantification and purity, RNA integrity, cell viability, tissue histology) or nucleic acid extraction methods (DNA/RNA from whole blood or FFPE cells).


To facilitate their PT programs, IBBL uses  RingDat Online for laboratory registration in PT programs, payment and result submission. A built-in email and messaging platform allows for announcements, reminders and updates to be easily delivered to participants. Questionnaires developed by IBBL are also easily uploaded for use in the current PT with RingDat Online. To make for seamless integration of RingDat Online, QuoData customized the appearance to match that of the IBBL website (see below). 


Additionally, IBBL makes use of PROLab for the organization, analysis and reporting of PT schemes. 


RingDat Online Custom Interface for IBBL