New approaches for analytical quality assurance – meet QuoData


New approaches for analytical quality assurance – meet QuoData

The QuoData experts actively participate in upcoming international conferences. After the ArabLab in March and the Eurachem Workshop in May, further contributions are planned for which preparations are underway: analytica Lab Africa (in Johannesburg, South Africa), IAFP 2019 (in Louisville, Kentucky, USA) and the International Proficiency Testing Conference (PT conf, in Oradea, Romania).
QuoData will be present at all conferences with a booth to present new approaches and projects in analytical quality assurance. QuoData scientists will be on site at analytica Lab, IAFP and PT conf to give lectures and share the latest research with new and familiar faces.


The analytica Lab Africa International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics will take place from July 9 - July 11 in South Africa. At this event, exhibitors will present new technologies, products or processes for the food industry, environmental technology, mining and biotechnology. QuoData will be part of the German Pavilion.


The International Association for Food Protection will be hosting its 2019 Annual Meeting for all professionals wishing to share the latest scientific findings in food safety. IAFP 2019 will be held at the Kentucky International Convention Center (in Louisville) from 21 July - 24 July. QuoData, together with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, will present various scientific papers.


Proficiency Testing (PT) is in the focus at PT conf (10 September - 13 September) in Oradea, Romania. Experts organizing and evaluating proficiency tests from all industries come together to share their knowledge and novel approaches. Lectures, working group discussions and a training course are planned. The scientists of QuoData will make a contribution and present an approach taking into account lab-specific uncertainties in the assessment of the performance of PT participants.


"Performance characteristics and other quality control parameters for non-target methods" at the Eurachem Workshop 2019.