PROLab Add-ons


Do even more with PROLab

Get the most out of our PROLab with additional features to secure the greatest degree of functionality for your PROLab software.


QuoData offers additional add-ons ready for all PROLab editions to provide for more options in organizing PTs, creating and managing reports.


RingDat Online

Interface for participants and PT organizers

RingDat Online is a web-based interface between organizers of PT and their participants which allows for the easy exchange of lab results and information online, while automatically syncing with PROLab Standard or Plus.



  • Customizable design to match your corporate design  & website
  • Can be used independent of operating system
  • Nothing for participant to install
  • Integrates online payment for participants (Saferpay or PayPal)
  • Available in English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish
  • Can organize and manage participant registration
  • Abides by requirements outlined in ISO 17043



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Available for installation on a QuoData server or on a private server - almost always to the same costs.  QuoData servers are secure and have hourly backups.


Database Translations

Translate reports in a click

Database Translations is an additional feature for PROLab, designed to help users who require reports in multiple languages. Database Translations allows users to duplicate participant reports in different languages with just the click of a button.


The add-on is available for purchase in combination with PROLab English. For users with a non-English copy of PROLab, a copy of PROLab English will be included with purchase of the Database Translations add-on.


Here’s how it works:

  • Users gain access to the information stored within reports thereby allowing them to translate or edit particular sections or labels. Different templates can be saved to ensure easy maneuvering for the production of reports in another language. 

  • Users can then add translations in their desired languages for all or a few  of these labels and for all database content. Examples include the name of your samples, analytes and measurement methods.

  • The translated labels will be saved and can be utilized for later report creation with just a few clicks. 
  • Optionally, you can specify which participants would to receive the report in which language, and PROLab will take care of the rest



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The add-on can be downloaded as a file and added into PROLab without any re-installation.

Merged Reports 

Mass mailings in a flash

Merged Reports is an add-on for PROLab which enables the combination of several report templates from PROLab and/or other sources like Word or PDF into one comprehensive report. This can be performed at the same time for multiple participants while retaining participant-specific information. For example, generate reports for a number of participants with:

  • a cover sheet (e.g. a PDF file)
  • some explanation on the ring test (e.g. from Word)
  • a certificate, various charts and tables from PROLab (from the report templates of PROLab)
  • results corresponding to individual lab performance


Designed to assist those providing PT, we developed the Merged Reports function to reduce errors and time spent on mass report creation and delivery. At the same time, reports are precise and more relevant to participants because of inclusion of individual highlighting of results.


Like creating reports in Word? You can also design Word templates that are partially filled by PROLab using the Merged Reports add-on. Doing so is easy: Just incorporate “MergeFields” that correspond to  pre-defined PROLab conventions directly into your document. From there you just need to simply drag & drop your Word document in the add-on to have them automatically filled.



  • Merge various PROLab reports and external documents (such as Word, Excel, or PDF files) into a single PDF document for participants
  • Maintain lab-specific details and individual content and highlighting
  • Use Word templates for easy editing
  • Send finalized reports as mass emails
  • Participants receive personalized emails with personal attachments.  



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The add-on can be downloaded as a file and added into PROLab without any re-installation.