A Statement Against Pegida - for an Open-minded Dresden


A Statement Against Pegida - for an Open-minded Dresden

Update: On 10 January the city of Dresden and Saxony host a demonstration as a statement for open-mindedness and humanity.  


It is with great concern that we have observed the events unfolding in Dresden over the past few weeks: Several thousand people have taken part in demonstrations organized by the Pegida movement.


These events have shown that diffuse fears and prejudices towards what appears foreign and different are still present in society – fears and prejudices which the organizers of the Pegida demonstrations have successfully stoked and focused.


It is possible that many of the demonstrators have participated in order to express a broader dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, they bolster and encourage the organizers and thus, in our opinion, they lend support to a racist ideology which undermines the very foundation of society.


QuoData wishes to position itself clearly. We have always been proud of our working atmosphere characterized by openness and friendliness towards all nationalities, and proud that many competent and engaging staff members from different countries have worked for us over the years.


Moreover, many different countries are represented among our customers and project partners. This makes us proud! We do not want this to change! We do not want anyone to get the impression they are not welcome in Dresden.


What would Dresden be, what would Germany be without immigration, without the influence of other cultures, without international trade?


In the coming months, QuoData will support a number of projects and associations which assist refugees and which oppose the Pegida demonstrations in Dresden’s streets.


But this is only one piece of the puzzle – if the aim is to take the wind out of the sails of the organizers and supporters of Pegida and to expose their arguments as threadbare, we will need to work together with many others.