Two new health-related meta-analysis projects for QuoData in 2015


Two new health-related meta-analysis projects for QuoData in 2015

QuoData has recently been contracted by two different large international health-based organizations to conduct independent meta-analyses. The two large organizations include one NGO and the other is a multinational pharmaceutical company.


See an overview of our  meta-analysis services.


QuoData will oversee the operation of the preliminary pilot study for one study, as part of the larger process of developing a study protocol. The study will proceed according to the PRISMA Statement, in accordance with international biomedical standards. QuoData will focus its effort on the formulation of specific search algorithms for determining the eligibility of studies.


Above and beyond these functions, QuoData will supply raw data analysis, creation of graphics and calculations and naturally, expertise in advanced statistics. 


QuoData offers services for meta-analyses in all of the following steps:

  • Defining precise research questions
  • Search strategies in finding primary research
  • Defining study eligibility
  • Gathering appropriate studies
  • Extracting data
  • Generalizing the findings and making conclusions
  • Preparing the finalized report


Meta-analysis services are currently offered in the following disciplines:

  • Medical & biomedical
  • Biological sciences: microbiology, biotechnology, limnology etc.


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