Memberships - Quality Management and Statistics - QuoData GmbH


NORMAN Network

Karina Hettwer has joined the Norman network. The NORMAN network is a self-supporting network of reference laboratories, research centres and related organisations for the monitoring and biomonitoring of emerging environmental substances.

DIN working group: „Vergleichbarkeit mikrobiologischer Nachweisverfahren"

The working group deals with design and assessment of interlaboratory studies used for validation of homogeneity concerning different microbiological detection methods

Dr. Steffen Uhlig is chairman of the committee.

FBU - Fachbeirat Verfahren und Methoden für Bodenuntersuchungen

The managing director of QuoData is member of FBU at Federal Environment Agency, Berlin.

This is an advisory board which analyzes and collocates knowledge of implementation concerning recommended methods of BBodSchG and BBodSchV.

DIN working group: „ISO 20612 – Proficiency test”

As a member of the German mirror committee to CD ISO 20612 Dr. Steffen Uhlig deals with interlaboratory comparison for proficiency testing.

Bund-Länder-Arbeitsgruppe "Methodenoptimierung“

Dr. Steffen Uhlig is member of this working group at the department of food analytics at BVL.

The committee’s work aims at optimization of measurement methods in combination to method validation.

OECD Ad Hoc Group on (Q)SARs

Dr. Steffen Uhlig is member of this group which for example developed guidance documents for the development, validation and use of (Q)SARs.


Since a long time Dr. Steffen Uhlig is member of the “Working Group on the Statistical Aspects of Environmental Monitoring” that deals with the development of concepts assessing environmental data on behalf of OSPAR, HELCOM and others.

The focus of attention is analytical quality assurance.

GDCH - Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V.

Bertrand Colson has been a member of the GDCH since June 2019.  He is also a member of the working groups Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry Society.

biosaxony e.V.

QuoData is a member of biosaxony e.V., the association of the biotechnology/medical technology sector in the region of Saxony.