QuoData sponsers 15th Latin-American Movie Week


QuoData sponsers 15th Latin-American Movie Week

23 November | QuoData sponsers 15th Latin-American Movie Week


QuoData sponsers the 15th CineLatino, a Latin-American Movie Week, which takes place from 29.11. - 5.12.2012 in the film theater Schauburg in Dresden.


The program includes Latinamerican cinema, dancing performances, musical contributions and a Latino-Party.


The aim of the event, which is organized by the ACI (Asociación Cultural Iboamericana) and the film theater Schauburg Dresden, is to illuminate society, politics, arts and day-to-day aspects of the Latinamerican life.


As a company based in Dresden, QuoData wants to make a contribution to the cultural life in Dresden - especially with regard to it's Latinamerican customers.