Workshop on interlaboratory studies at US FDA


Workshop on interlaboratory studies at US FDA

11 October | Workshop on interlaboratory studies at US FDA


The FDA workshop at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago took place on 21-22 August 2012. The event was co-organized by QuoData, and the main speaker was QuoData’s managing director and chief scientist: Steffen Uhlig.


The focus was laid on topical issues relating to the evaluation of interlaboratory studies for proficiency tests and method validation, with a particular emphasis on the availability of relevant solutions in the PROLab Plus software.

Topics covered included: proficiency testing according ISO 13528, the evaluation of method validation studies according to ISO 5725, the application of test design and statistical methods to different types of interlaboratory studies, the comparison of analytical methods as well as statistical methods for qualitative, binary studies.


With 30 participants from the FDA, the IIT and other institutions, the event was attended to full capacity. The workshop was also available online as a live webinar.


The FDA and QuoData work in close cooperation. The FDA’s National Center for Food Safety and Technology relies on the QuoData software products PROLab Plus and InterVAL® Plus for the evaluation of proficieny tests and method validation studies. Moreover, QuoData advises the U.S. FDA in questions of quality management in connection with accreditation according to ISO 17043.