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Seminars and Workshops

General information

Seminars, workshops and webinars about interlaboratory studies, QA, and measurement uncertainty Every year, we offer seminars and workshops covering topics directly related to our core competences.


Attending QuoData's seminars will allow you to significantly enhance your understanding and knowledge in fields such as statistics and quality assurance. Our instructors are members of various national and international committees, so that participants get to hear first-hand about some of the latest developments. Indeed, not only are our instructors familiar with the details of many new methods and standards - they are also directly involved in their elaboration.


Our workshops are aimed at software users and potential buyers. Besides fundamentals, our training programs focus on problem-solving on the basis of examples taken from typical practical situations. The participants thus learn how to use our software products efficiently.

If you are not yet a user, our workshops provide an opportunity for you to get acquainted with our software products and to try them out.



Important information:


QuoData offers a number of workshops onsite and around the globe year round.