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Software for in-house validation

Software for the validation of in-house methods accord. to ISO 17025


InterVAL is a program that ensures a comprehensive, legally compliant validation of your in-house method, thus meeting the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025.



Developed by QuoData, the underlying concept has already been incorporated into European legislation (Commission Decision 657/2002) and is recommended by the European Reference Laboratory (EURL) in Berlin.



You can find more information about our software for the validation of your in-house methods in our software flyer.




Easy to use experimental designs

InterVAL increases the efficiency and reduces the costs of your validation study. The study is designed in such a way that precision, trueness, sensitivity and measurement uncertainty are determined simultaneously. 


Matrix and sampling effects are determined with no need for further analysis thanks to optimized orthogonal-factorial experimental designs. 


Up to eight factors (noise factors) can be examined. The experimental designs allow investigation of robustness and determination of the in-house reproducibility standard deviation across matrices. 


A comfortable planning module allows easy specification of the study design and automatically generates corresponding report templates.


Although InterVAL does not require repeated measurements and requires significantly less testings, the reliability of validation results is much higher than in conventional studies.


Statistics in accordance to the newest standards

diagram with measurements and calibration line and predicted interval using InterVAL Software

Diagram with measurements and calibration line and predicted interval

In its statistical analysis, InterVAL applies the methods put forward in the European Commission's 2002/657/ECInterVAL also allows a reliable evaluation according to ISO 11843 and DIN 32645.


For the analysis of test results, the following procedures are provided:


  • Cochran's test
  • Grubbs test
  • test for factorial dispersion effects
  • recovery rate (as a function of concentration)
  • repeatability standard deviation
  • in-house standard deviation
  • critical concentrations CCα and CCβ
  • power function for screening and confirmatory methods

diagram with the influence of a factor using InterVAL software

Diagram with the influence of a factor


All parameters can be determined under various conditions, the effects of influence factors are quantified, and the corresponding uncertainty components are computed. In addition, InterVAL allows the determination of the total measurement uncertainty on the basis of validation data (top-down approach).









Individual Reporting

Customizable Graphics & Reports

All evaluation results can be displayed in customizable reports and a variety of diagrams. 

In addition, export is possible to the following formats:


  • .doc, .docx, .odt (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice etc...)
  • .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel, etc...)
  • HTML for websites
  • plain text format for further processing
  • .wmf (Windows Meta File), .bmp (Bitmap)


Furthermore an optional module enables the creation of an animated flash chart and thus an interactive data visualization.

Flexible Data Management

All analysis results are stored in a database, which allows - in combination with a user-friendly input module - swift and flexible data entry and management, e.g. of sample names and codes, reference values, the laboratory personnel, etc.


The data management infrastructure includes a comprehensive user management, which allows you to allocate different read and write privileges to different users. Thus, a "read-only user" can generate reports and view data, but cannot change them.

Additional features

InterVAL Standard®

InterVAL Standard provides the necessary experimental design, statistical evaluation methods, special validation reports and graphics, as well as a flexible database for the validation of your in-house method.
InterVAL Standard can thus be used to establish and document the reliability of your in-house method.

InterVAL® Plus

Over and above all features available in InterVAL Standard, InterVAL Plus  offers the following additional evaluation possibilities and tools:

  • extension of commission decision 657/2002
  • analysis of data which have not been obtained on the basis of a standard experimental design
  • separate analysis of matrix and run effects
  • flexible experimental design
  • inclusion of several factors with more than two levels
  • several runs with the same combination of factor levels
  • grouping different runs in one block
  • subsequent extension of the design with additional runs
  • flexible import module as an alternative manual definition of the design and manual data entry
  • quality control samples
  • analysis and use for subsequent validation
  • inclusion in the validation
  • determination of measurement uncertainty
  • examination of identification parameters
  • additional reports (e.g. for the description of sample transport and storage, or the presentation of validation results across analytes)


Inclusive Services

Our software comes with a multitude of extra services, most of them being free of cost.


1. Support by Phone & Email

For help getting started or troubleshooting, rely on the dedicated free hotline for InterVAL or free email support, available Monday to Friday.


We use a ticket system to make sure that support requests are processed efficiently.


Contact us now:

Valentina Sokolova

+49 (0)351-4028867-44



2. Regular Updates

Expect new features and update rollouts yearly, made available to every InterVAL user. All updates are free of cost and include new features, bug fixes and the resolution of individual issues from InterVAL users.


Already a InterVAL user? Updating your version of InterVAL is simple: Just access the Help Menu in InterVAL. Then select the option for “Program update”. The installation of the new update requires just a few clicks. 


3. Validated Software

The InterVAL validation process includes both automated and manual testing to ensure that reports, computations and display of charts are done so correctly. Software validation is performed on a regular basis.

Additional Services 


1. Workshops

We hold a number of workshops throughout the year covering software usage, statistical background information and relevant standards. In addition to our regular English and German workshops, we offer in-house training in German, English, French or Spanish. To arrange a workshop on-site, get in touch with us. Workshops are open to users and non-users alike. Favorable conditions are offered for users. 


 Workshop registration


2. Helpdesk Packages for one-on-one technical support and statistical support

Amend your corporate InterVAL license to include a help-desk package, available to meet different requirements (technical, statistical or customizations) and budgets.


  • Technical Support and Hotline

For those requiring extra assistance getting started, we offer personalized support by email or phone (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm CET). Technical helpdesks go above and beyond the included free tech support hours included in every InterVAL license to cover all questions regarding installation, data management, basic functionalities and troubleshooting.


  • Statistical Support

You need expert advice for designing a study or evaluating your validation study? Expert support is available by email or phone (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5 pm CET) as part of a helpdesk package.

The Support includes assistance in the design, performance and analysis of method validation studies


For more information regarding any one of our helpdesks, please get in touch with us.


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