Joint Research and Service Center for Tumor Marker Evaluation in Oncology

Joint Research and Service Center for Tumor Marker Evaluation in Oncology

Evaluation of tumor markers in oncology

The Joint Research and Service Center for Tumor Markers combines the clinical capacity and biobank of the University Hospital Bonn with the evaluative and statistical expertise of QuoData in the promotion of tumor marker research.


QuoData participates in a joint research project that promotes tumor marker research

Given the potential of tumor markers for diagnostics, patient stratification and therapy monitoring in cancer patients, the identification and validation of new tumor markers is an important and promising task for contemporary clinical research. The Joint Research Center for Tumor Markers therefore fills a market gap in the practical validation of biomarkers.


Combining QuoData's unique multidisciplinary expertise in statistical analysis and the University Hospital Bonn's extensive experience in oncological laboratory diagnostics along with its comprehensive biobank, the research center will take your biomarkers from research assay to clinically significant diagnostic test.


What we provide

Let us help you advance you biomarker from an assay to a clinically valid tool.


What you requireWhat we can do
Validation of assaysMethodical evaluation
Decision on sample treatmentPreanalytical evaluation
Development of clinical biomarkerAssessment of clinical power


We assisting in the evaluation of new oncological tumor markers involved in:

  • Diagnosis
  • Staging
  • Prognostic patient stratification
  • Efficient therapy monitoring
  • Early estimation of therapy response and toxicity
  • Early recurrence detection of cancer disease


Our resources

  • Design of tumor marker validation studies and development of new mathematical methods for the simultaneous evaluation of tumor marker panels
  • Detailed personalized analysis of the statistical behavior of (longitudinal) tumor marker panels and their relevance for therapy monitoring and prediction 
  • Development of tree diagnostic models - decision rules for therapy intervention
  • Improved and early estimation of therapy response
  • Access to patient groups and biobank


Role in the future of medicine

Combining biomarkers

The future of biomarkers lies in technology to combine multiple biomarkers to maximize efficacy. 

Maximize the clinical benefit and accuracy of individual biomarkers by combining them together in a single diagnostic test. Let us validate your combined biomarkers to measure their efficacy.



Bioinformatics is the science of deriving meaning from molecular and chemical data via statistics, math and computer science.

QuoData joins these fields together naturally by bringing together specialists, scientists and mathematicians, while the University Hospital Bonn contributes its excellent medical facilities and resources.


Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine has been newly mandated by the European Commission in the movement away from a one-size-fits-all-approach. The advancement of personalize medicine depends on the advancement of validated markers for their wide range of individualized diagnostic and prognostic abilities.

The Joint Research and Service Centre for Tumor Markers is therefore open to partnerships requiring the validation of tools used in furthering personalized medicine.