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About us

QuoData Quality & Statistics is a medium-sized company based in Berlin and Dresden and active in the areas of statistics and analytical quality assurance. Drawing on state-of-the-art statistical methods, we develop software products and provides services for a host of international clientele.


Quality assurance concerns the reliability of your

  • production process
  • measurement method/instrument


In other words, quality assurance is essential for you to obtain and maintain your customers' trust.


Statistical methods play a central role in all questions relating to quality assurance. Our expertise in the application of these methods translates to greater efficiency, hence to reduced costs - which is what you're interested in.


QuoData is constantly broadening its expertise and business portfolio. Close collaboration with leading scientific institutions guarantees that its methods and procedures are always up-to-date.


QuoData is committed to the highest professional standards in all its activities. The continuous growth of its clientele over and beyond European borders vouches for its success.


QuoData is your competent partner and consultant on matters relating to


  • quality assurance and the optimization of measurement methods
  • statistical modelling
  • software development
  • interlaboratory tests
  • development of bioassays


Our competence in each of these core areas is underpinned by our expertise in the application of statistical methods and our extensive experience in cooperation with scientific institutions and other partners/customers.


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