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Online Analysis of Effect-based Test Kits

BioVAL® is an online application built to analyze the yeast-based test kits produced and distributed by new_diagnostics, including the  A-YES®, A-YAS®, and A-YPS. Each kit is designed respectively to detect the estrogenic, androgenic, and progestogenic effects in water. 


BioVAL® works online – meaning there is nothing to download or that requires admin rights for installation. It features an easy-to-use interface that is accessible from anywhere in the world.


The European Reference Laboratory for Residues in Berlin recommends BioVAL®. 



Statistical evaluation

Efficient statistical processes and a newly developed algorithm enables BioVAL® to generate a sigmoidal  curve. Outliers can also be evaluated based on the latest statistical methods.  In the presence of cell toxicity effects, BioVAL® allows for growth correction.


BioVAL®’s statistics are based on the bootstrap method to analyze measurement uncertainties and determine detection and quantification limits.


Data import and pipetting schemes

BioVAL®’s database allows fast and flexible data entry.


Simply copy and paste your data from an Excel spreadsheet straight into one of  BioVAL®’s templates. You can also use the templates in the software to design your experiments and plate layouts and input your spike levels.




BioVAL® generates detailed and comprehensive reports in an easy-to-use Microsoft Word format. Each report acts as a certificate of analysis and includes both the statistical evaluation of the calibration curve as well as the sensitivity characteristics (LOD, LOQ etc.). Inside each report, you’ll also find the determination of the concentration of analytes and the corresponding measurement uncertainty, for example EQs in the case of effect-based tests. 


As with all of QuoData’s analytical software, automatic reports are concise, appealing and meet the requirements of daily lab work. 







BioVAL® was developed by QuoData for the biotech startup, new_diagnostics, as part of a partnership project. The software BioVAL® comes free of charge with each of new_diagnostics’ yeast-based test kits


If you would like to adapt the BioVAL® software to your ELISA-based data, please get in touch with us. We can develop a custom algorithm, adapt the plate design and support other import formats and reports to meet your specific needs.