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GSR Quality Scheme

GSR Proficiency Tests

From the April 2016 Final Meeting of the international PT on Forensic Determination of Shooting Distance organized by QuoData and held at the QuoData head office in Dresden. 

On behalf of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), international proficiency tests on identification of gunshot residue (GSR) have been analyzed for several years.


Since 2009 QuoData is independently realizing the organisation and analysis of annual proficiency tests of the GSR quality scheme. Thereby members of the ENFSI expert working group "Firearms/GSR" will support QuoData as an advisory board.


For accredited laboratories - that have to take part in an annual trace evidence proficiency test - this GSR quality scheme is especially important. At the moment, no equivalent GSR quality schemes are available for international proficiency testing. Results from former proficiency tests can be viewed in the archives.

GSR2017 - Status Quo

The registration of the GSR2017 Proficiency Test is now open.


All information regarding this year's round can be found in the Call for Participation.


Please make sure to register before 31st March 2017.


Registration    Call for Participation


QuoData warmly welcomes Mr. Michael Martinez to the Advisory Board of the GSR-QS. Michael comes from the Bexar County Crime Laboratory in the USA. Michael is internationally recognized as an expert in the field of trace evidence.

Training Seminar 2017 Gunshot Residue Analysis

Are you experienced in SEM/EDS operation? The GSR training seminar presented by ENFSI will introduce you to new GSR analytical methods to improve your knowledge. The seminar covers both theoretical aspects and provides practical training. 

Training Seminar

Online GSR QC Analysis Tool

This web tool enables the automatic evaluation of uploaded quality control measurements of GSR PT samples from the years 2010 to 2016 and the “standard GSR sample” offered by PLANO GmbH .

Once you have imported your data a comprehensive PDF report is created as well as a dynamic chart which provides various selection criteria for a specific evaluation.



                                                   Open online tool