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Enhancing Food Safety

Food Authenticity Testing Solutions

QuoData’s advanced toolbox enabling you to fast track method development, method validation and verification while ensuring complete reliability of results.

How QuoData contributes to enhancing food safety with a focus on authenticity testing:

  • development and validation of cutting-edge analytical tools and AI for detecting food fraud or food authenticity testing
  • build and integrate AI in quality assurance systems
  • design and deploy robust protocols, and offer expertise to national and international standards to maximize reach

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Food safety depends on always-evolving guidelines and protocols as well as agile and robust validation. This ensures efficient and effective development of new analysis methods and utilization of novel technologies to their full extent. QuoData contributes unique study designs for method development and applies AI to streamline the R&D process. The team has vast experience in merging proven approaches into established guidelines embraced by legislators and industry as well.