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Solutions for collaborative studies

Unique expertise, tools and service for collaborative studies​


QuoData supports companies, organisations and regulatory bodies that develop methods or devices through collaborative studies.

Benefit from QuoData’s tools and service for collaborative studies:

  • unique and tailored collaborative study designs that produce less analytical effort and at the same time meaningful results​
  • powerful algorithms for data assessment and expert knowledge for interpretation of collaborative study results​
  • benefit from insights from 20+ years of ISO work

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Work with collaborative study experts

QuoData is a long-term partner of industry and regulatory bodies when it comes to collaborative studies.

The QuoData scientists support you with the development and validation of your new method or device.

Governmental authorities can utilize unique tools and service for collaborative studies when it comes to the assessment of novel analytical methods.

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20 years of committee work

QuoData is contributing to more than 15 ISO working groups.

QuoData is involved in developing new protocols for analytical quality assurance and upgrading existing ones.

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US Food and Drug Administration and US NIST utilize QuoData’s tools and services for interlaboratory studies

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