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Bioanalytical Solutions of new_diagnostics: 
Detection and analyses of endocrine disruptors, hormones and trace substances

For Environment, Food, Feed, Water, Pharma, Cosmetics

By supporting new_diagnostics, QuoData showcases its expertise in the area of Bioanalytical solutions!

  • Wide range of products:
    new_diagnostics develops and sells yeast-based bioassays (Genetically modified yeast cells of A. adeninivorans and S. cerevisiae) for the detection of trace substances, hormonal active chemicals and endocrine disruptors.
  • Customized Assay Development for your specific need:
    new_diagnostics offers expertise in customization of assay, i.e., developing standardized, fast and sensitive assays for our client's specific need.
  • Comprehensive Assessment & Analytical Services:
    services range from feasibility studies to contract analysis, as well as partner support for R&D projects together with our parent company.

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an interdisciplinary network of clinicians, biobanking specialists, biostatisticians and data scientists

Leveraging the full power of high quality biomarkers for patient care

QuoData is part of the CEBIO network which combines data science and biomarker expertise.

CEBIO advances healthcare through:

  • Connecting specialists from all fields of biomarker research
  • Establishing novel biomarkers utilizing Multi-omics and other technologies
  • Sophisticated assay development and planning and execution of analytical/preanalytical studies

Visit the CEBIO website