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Medical device development

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Improve your medical device development process with QuoData's statistics and AI services

For manufacturers who want to develop high-quality medical devices that meet regulatory requirements and deliver outstanding performance.

QuoData‘s service for medical device research and development:

  • advanced planning and evaluation of clinical trials to save resources and produce meaningful results
  • unique AI and statistical tools to assess the performance of complex measurement processes
  • comply with guidelines and protocols to get your devices approved without detours

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You are developing novel medical devices and face challenges when it comes to assessing the performance of the measurement process?

You want to make sure that clinical trials are designed efficiently and deliver results?

You want to make sure that your reports comply with relevant guidelines and that you have the advocacy to ensure seamless approval by regulatory bodies?

QuoData is your reliable partner! Make use of statistics and AI for development of medical devices and speed up your product pipeline. 

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20 years of committee work

QuoData is contributing to more than 15 ISO working groups.

QuoData is involved in developing new protocols for analytical quality assurance and upgrading existing ones.

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Artificial Intelligence - Case Studiess

AI can be highly valuable to assess the performance of methods, but typical AI tools require vast training data.
The QuoData team can create outstanding results with small sets of training data – learn how:

Exploring Artificial Intelligence for Life Science SMEs: Successful Event Hosted by QuoData with biosaxony Prasentation "Embracing AI: Transforming measurement data into insights and actions"

The "biosaxony vor Ort – AI for SMEs" event held on March 14, 2024, at the QuoData headquarters, was a resounding success. Filled with vibrant energy from enthusiastic participants and insights shared by esteemed speakers, it was an enriching experience.

The event kicked off with a brief opening by Conny Lerche, followed by Anja Rösler's introduction to biosaxony and its current initiatives. Continuing the program, QuoData’s Senior Data Scientist, Kapil Nichani, delved into "Embracing AI: Transforming measurement data into insights and actions".

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Exploring AI in Life Sciences: QuoData hosts "biosaxony vor Ort" biosaxony vor Ort at QuoData

Exploring AI in Life Sciences: QuoData hosts "biosaxony vor Ort" 


QuoData is honored and excited to take the lead in hosting the upcoming "biosaxony vor Ort" event on March 14, 2024, from 4 pm to 6:25 pm at our headquarters on Prellerstrasse 14.

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Digitization and artificial intelligence are finding their way into viticulture smart-grape SmartGrape - AI-based MIR measuring system for determining quality in viticulture With the „SmartGrape“ project, QuoData and the partner institutes aim to analyze the quality determining characteristics of grapes by combining a miniaturized infrared spectrometer with an artificial intelligence (AI) approach. Read more