PROLab_HUB - Web service for PT data entry

Online data entry for PT participants

Our web application PROLab_HUB is a fee-based extension for PROLab users. It provides an interface between the organizers and participants of an interlaboratory study/proficiency test.


As a PT provider your participants can enter and submit measurement results directly online in their browser.


The PROLab_HUB web interface comes with your logo to provide participants with a branded web application.


PROLab_HUB and comparable QuoData solutions are used in, among other things:



Your benefits

What makes our online data entry PROLab_HUB unique

  • minimal administration effort for you - reliable, flexible hosting through QuoData - domain, backups and regular updates included
  • PROLab_HUB can be used independently of the operating system, a browser and Internet access are sufficient
  • interlaboratory study participants can be added subsequently
  • convenient import of all measurement results to PROLab with just a few mouse clicks
  • no file attachments or USB stick are required to transfer the measurement results to you, the interlaboratory study organizer
  • PROLab_HUB is available in German and English, additional languages can be added
  • PROLab_HUB is very fast and customizable, for example regarding the design, the texts and tabular overviews as well as the functionalities

Data transfer

Easy & uncomplicated transfer of interlaboratory study results/PT data with PROLab_HUB

Your participants can access PROLab_HUB via their web browser and log in with a personal account which was created automatically before. They can then enter measurement results and, if necessary, additional data such as sample preparation or analytical methods.


These data can be transferred either using a form or an import function from applications such as Excel. Data can be entered up to the specified data entry deadline.


Of course, your participants can only see their own results, so PROLab_HUB meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17043.


As the organizer, you can download the results from PROLab_HUB to PROLab at any time. You can also manage the login details of individual participants via PROLab_HUB. For example, a lost password of a participant can be reset.


In addition, you can send automatically generated reminder emails to participants who have not yet completed data entry. The subject and the content of the email can be customized.


Furthermore, automatically generated reminder emails can be sent to those participants who have not yet completed data entry. The subject and the content of these emails can be customized.



PROLab_HUB can be installed on a QuoData server, thus requiring no further time or costs for you from self-installation. 

PROLab_HUB does not store passwords. Access can be encrypted with SSL (https). If QuoData organizes the hosting, this will be the default setting. Every hour, our servers generate high-encryption back-ups.


QuoData will register the domain for you and provide you with regular updates. This allows you to fully concentrate on the planning and evaluation of your interlaboratory studies and proficiency tests.

Case Studies

How do QuoData customers use web applications for their interlaboratory studies and PTs?

Read our case study on the use of Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL).


IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) is an independent, not-for-profit Luxembourg-based biobank dedicated to improving health outcomes for patients. IBBL offers biobanking services in compliance with international standards, including the collection, processing, analysis and storage of biological samples. In addition, IBBL carries out regular biospecimen research. The mission of IBBL is to provide high-quality biospecimens and data, foster scientific excellence, catalyse partnerships and support research.


IBBL provides a Proficiency Testing (PT) Program which allows laboratories working with biospecimens to compare their performance to that of other expert laboratories. Participating laboratories can assess the accuracy, precision and efficiency of their biospecimen characterization methods (DNA quantification and purity, RNA integrity, cell viability, tissue histology) or nucleic acid extraction methods (DNA/RNA from whole blood or FFPE cells).


In order to carry out the interlaboratory study tests, the IBBL relies on online data entry of QuoData for data exchange and communication with the participating laboratories. This simplifies the upload and transmission of the participants' data. The web application enables the use of PT test specific surveys and flexible online or offline payment options. For seamless implementation, QuoData has adapted the appearance to fit the IBBL website. 


Additionally, IBBL makes use of PROLab for the organization, analysis and reporting of PT schemes. 


Web application interface