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Exploring AI in Life Sciences: QuoData hosts "biosaxony vor Ort"

biosaxony vor Ort at QuoData

Exploring AI in Life Sciences: QuoData hosts "biosaxony vor Ort" 


QuoData is honored and excited to take the lead in hosting the upcoming "biosaxony vor Ort" event on March 14, 2024, from 4 pm to 6:25 pm at our headquarters on Prellerstrasse 14.

The event serves as a platform to explore the possibilities and interests of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of Life Sciences for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Saxony. It aims to facilitate the exchange of insights and experiences among experts, fostering networking opportunities and connections for potential collaborations.

We will kick off the event with a warm welcome and an introduction to QuoData by Mr. Conny Lerche, setting the stage for an insightful exploration of biosaxony by Mr. André Hofmann. 

Our experts, Mr. Kapil Nichani and Dr. Karina Hettwer, will then lead a comprehensive discussion on AI applications in Life Sciences, complete with an engaging Q&A session.


High-profile guest speakers include:

Dr. Kristin Reiche from Fraunhofer IZI

Prof. Peter Steinbach from HZDR

Mr. Björn Degenkolbe from 4K Analytics


After the informative guest talks, we encourage you to join our breakout session to delve into intriguing questions related to AI and life sciences. Following this, QuoData extends a warm invitation for you to stay and enjoy networking opportunities with fellow professionals. Enjoy the delightful food and beverages as you connect with industry peers.


QuoData appreciates the support from biosaxony for this exceptional opportunity and their planning and organization. 

QuoData looks forward to the upcoming success of the "biosaxony vor Ort" event and the collaborative discussions and connections.


Agenda and registration for “biosaxony vor Ort”