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Registration for the interlaboratory study "Estrogenic effects" for the detection of estrogens and estrogenic activity is now open

"Estrogenic Effects" is the first EQA scheme in the new QuoData external quality assurance program for in vitro methods for effect-based analysis.

Laboratories using in vitro methods for effect-based analysis of estrogens and estrogenic activity can participate in this interlaboratory study to have the performance of the methods used evaluated. The study is designed as an interlaboratory comparison exercise (ICE) and thus provides valuable information on the comparability and reproducibility of the methods used. - This approach goes far beyond the scope of a classic proficiency test.

In the interlaboratory study, the participants can examine four samples:

  • a wastewater sample
  • an extract from a wastewater sample
  • one surface water sample
  • one extract from a personal care product

The samples are spiked with a strongly estrogenic substance in the range of approx. 2 to 50 ng/L or with a mixture of estrogenic preservatives.

After analysis of the samples by the participants, the calculated EEQ and LID values are submitted to the QuoData web portal "EQA Biotests".

After evaluation of the results, each laboratory will receive a detailed performance evaluation for the methods used in the form of a certificate.

The registration is now open:

In the future, interested laboratories will be able to participate in QuoData interlab studies on a regular basis.