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QuoData to visit the EQALM symposium – a meetup of European EQA organizers in laboratory medicine

From 17th to 18th October, QuoData will visit Ljubljana, Slovenia to attend the EQALM symposium – a meetup of European external quality assurance organizers in laboratory medicine.

During the symposium QuoData scientist Kapil Nichani will introduce how artificial intelligence can be utilized in PT for prognosis of future laboratory performanceA novel easy-to-interpret score developed for qualitative PT/EQA data will also be presented.

For those who are interested in the approaches, please download the abstracts here.

Furthermore, QuoData’s knowledgeable experts of proficiency tests and QA will be available at the booth in the exhibition hall between presentations and meetings and are ready to support you on your next EQA programs. You can set up a time to meet with them or simply come by to say hi.

If you want to make a personal appointment at the event, please don't hesitate to contact QuoData.

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