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First Web-Seminar: Implementing ISO 17043:2023 - Guidelines for Laboratory PT Sample Production and Distribution

Web-Seminar: Implementing ISO 17043:2023

On June 5, 2024, QuoData successfully hosted a web-seminar on "Implementing ISO 17043:2023 - Guidelines for Laboratory PT Sample Production and Distribution." Martin Jähne, QuoData's Head of Laboratory, guided participants through the critical updates and changes in the ISO 17043:2023 standard.

The ISO 17043 standard, updated in 2023, includes several significant changes:

Incorporation of inspection and sampling as further conformity assessment activities in the standard

  • Harmonization with the revised ISO/IEC 17025
  • Harmonization with the revised ISO 13528:2022
  • Incorporation of requirements from ISO/CASCO PROC 33
  • Risk-based thinking in the revised standard

Understanding and correctly implementing these updates is crucial for PT providers to maintain compliance and ensure the accuracy and reliability of their proficiency testing programs.

The web-seminar was divided into different parts, including a general overview about the current ISO 17043:2023; design and planning of an EQA/PT scheme; production and distribution of an EQA/PT items; Homogeneity and stability testing of PT items etc. 

Participants engaged in thorough discussions, particularly on the preparation and the testing of samples. An example for analysis of homogeneity data was conducted with ease using QuoData’s EQA statistics tool, Cequator.

QuoData appreciates the active involvement and insightful contributions of all participants and looks forward to future web-seminars.

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