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The biostatistical Corona blog and current measures at QuoData

QuoData‘s Data Scientists have launched a blog that biostatistically evaluates the situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus in an international context. There are regular updates on the development of the pandemic, including QuoData’s tailored prognoses:

Via Twitter the channel @QuoData_en QuoData also informs about updates of the Corona blog.


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There will be no restrictions regarding all QuoData services - the usual support and all offers are still available. QuoData’s web-based applications on the QuoData website are also not affected in any way.

For QuoData employees in the office, infection prevention measures have been in place since early March.

All colleagues in home office are still available. Currently, only insignificantly delayed response times for support requests are expected. 


In the case that all QuoData employees move to home office, the work will continue as normal.

The events Workshop for the planning and evaluation of proficiency tests and method validation studies with PROLab (German) and Workshop for testing laboratories in the field of food microbiology (German), which will take place in May, will be conducted by QuoData speakers as webinars - more information will be available here. All workshops in the second half of the year will take place as planned until further notice.

If you have any questions about the Corona blog, QuoData services or other concerns, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.